Strategic Staffing


With over a decade of recruitment experience, we have a proven track record of bridging the gap between growth-oriented professionals and the strategic staffing demands of industry-leading companies within the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries.  We are passionate about building long-term relationships and being catalysts for professional growth and development.


Civil Engineering & Construction Industry Specialists

One of the key reasons for our success is our emphasis on specialized industry expertise. As professional career consultants we possess a thorough knowledge of the job marketplace, and keen insights into the AEC Industry.


Recruiting Services

We partner with you to identify, approach and tactfully engage top talent within the AEC Industry. 


Professional network

Our research capabilities, industry expertise, extensive network of contacts enables us to find the top performers that best fit your needs.


mergers & acquisitons

We can help you identify companies to drive your strategic growth through mergers & acquisitions. 


Consulting services

We offer consulting services in the areas of hiring strategies and recruitment strategies. We can help you develop and implement best practices to attract and retain your team.

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